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Commissions are OPEN!

on 16 May 2014 at 20:02:34 MDT

Finally opening commissions, you guys! I’ve been meaning to for aaages, but stuff just keeps poppin’ up. But I’ve finally managed to get everything sorted (for the most part), so let’s see how this goes, I guess!

I’m starting with 2 open slots at a time, moving up to 3 once I get the hang of things.

Slot #1 – (empty!)

Slot #2 – (empty!)

All prices are in AUD, through PayPal.

  • Please be descriptive when describing what you’d like in your drawing, and provide references if possible, as well as details about the kind of pose and outfit you’d like your character/s to be in. If you can’t provide references, please try to be extra-descriptive about your character/s’ appearance/clothes/etc.

  • I maintains the right to refuse commissions (this won’t happen too often, don’t worry).

  • Please keep requests within the site rules.

I will draw:

OC pin-ups
fanart pin-ups
Monstergirl pin-ups
Semi-anthro characters (paws, ears, tails, etc)
Fetish art
NSFW art

I will NOT draw:


Once you have decided that you’d like to commission me, please send me a note with the details of your request (and include references if possible). Please make your request clear and provide as many details as possible to avoid confusion.

I will respond as soon as possible to let you know whether or not I can fulfill your request (I generally do not decline commission requests unless they are beyond my ability or break any of the above rules), and provide you with a quote. You can ask any other questions you may have about the commission at this time, as well.

Assuming you accept, I’ll start on some preliminary sketches ASAP. I will send you the sketches in a note as soon as they are completed and ask for any feedback you may have, or changes you would like made to the sketches. Once you are happy with the sketches and wish to go ahead with the commission, I will provide you with my paypal email and ask you to make a deposit (50% of the total cost of the commission). At this point, the commission will become non-refundable.

If you would like, I can continue to provide you with progress pictures of your request throughout the process. Please allow 1 working week for the completion of your request (I will contact you in the event that this period needs to be extended). I’ll be sure to notify you upon completion of your request, at which point I will ask that you pay the remainder of the cost.

I will be sure to link back to your profile in the artists’ description once I upload the finished work to my own profile. Please do not re-upload the finished work to your own account. I will not upload the finished request to any other websites without your permission, so please do the same for me.

Thanks in advance!

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