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3 Main Characters by BusDriverBiggle

3 Main Characters


These are 3 main characters I have.

Seen left to right are Pooh Biggle, Jacob Biggle and Inspector Monty.

Pooh Biggle is both a biggle and female version of Winnie the Pooh. She's a pregnant biggle who's been pregnant for years never to have given birth. Those 2 babies are stuck inside her tummy. Pooh is rather absent minded and her pregnant tummy happens to be her best friend and she takes care of it feeding it lots of honey.

Jacob Biggle is a bus driver for the Luxton and District Traction Co. I enjoy travelling and can't always seem to stay in one place. I'm an autistic biggle who constantly daydreams and I also have a rather loud voice and sometimes have to be reminded to shut up. But I can be loved by most anyone.

Inspector Monty is the new furry inspector for the Luxton and District Traction Co. after Blakey retired but he's everything his predecessor was, making incompetent rules and always going after his staff including me.

Kidsongs (C) 1985 - 2020 Together Again Productions
Winnie the Pooh (C) 1966 - 2020 Disney LCC
On the Buses (C) 1969 - 2020 London Weekly

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