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Hello everyone! <3 I'm Buni Doom! Or Verbena, depending. And I'm a Tuggy (Tiger/Bunny Hybrid) ! I love to draw, but I hate to scan... I do a lot of sketching, and love to draw pictures for furries, and have art done of my Tuggy girl. I'm typically cheerful, but please don't mistake cheerfulness for being a pushover. I can be very blunt if I feel the situation calls for it, but again, I'm typically a cheerful, happy Tuggy!

Also, be forewarned, I ramble. Especially in the descriptions of my art and journals. But I usually get to a point!

Commissions are : Open. Feel free to ask. ^.^

Trades are: Possible! It depends. ^.^

My PayPal name is

Some Interesting Facts:

~ My favorite color is PINK!

~ I love anything cutesy, but I also have a darker side and truly enjoy more gothic and macbre things as well.

~ I also love fantasy based things.

~ I'm a fiercely fat female. My character is also fat, though her weight seems to shift from picture to picture.

~ I play SL a lot, and own a club/ RP area on there called "Dream ~ Fantasy Forest".

~ I try to attend cons when ever I can, and I ALWAYS try to make Furry Fiesta here in Texas.

~ My Favorites is a Gallery of all the art I've received. My favorite thing in the world is seeing my character in other people's styles. <3



Latest Journal

Opening for Commissions!

Hey everyone!

Life is throwing me a series of curve balls, as life tends to do. As such, I've decided the best course of action to earn a little extra cash is to offer commissions for all you wonderful watchers!

I won't call these emergency commissions, because my situation doesn't qualify as what I would call an "Emergency".

However, I did have a few unexpected expenses come up in the last few days, and I have to make a four hour trip this weekend to see family. If I could earn gas money for the trip, and maybe even enough for a snack on the way, I'd be one happy little fluff! <3

Here's a link to my price sheet!

I've got a variety of cheap prices from 5 dollars full color icons all the way up to 20 dollar full color digital pictures!

I'll even be willing to do "Doodles for Donations" which will just be quick doodles for whatever the donater thinks is fair. I'm even thinking of tossing up a stream for those, and maybe even doing some YCH pictures!

Commissions will be up as long as I can keep them up! I need to save for a moving fund, seeing as Jinx and I will be moving out of our house and into something new within the next few months.

Thanks! <3

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