Portrait Series: Lilyfeather by Bugswithfurcoats

Portrait Series: Lilyfeather


10 January 2019 at 16:24:32 MST

The small portrait series experiment continues with Shensation Shensation's magical girl necromancer, Lilyfeather. You can read more about Lilyfeather in the webcomic Unluckies.

The ramble from last post continues....

A bit part of the mind game that is artistic development is learning to love the process more than the outcome. In way, traditional media are all about the process. This isn’t to say digital art isn’t about the process, because it definitely is, but I wonder if the digital world and digital art encourage you to ignore the process and just think about the end result and reaching it efficiently. When you work traditionally, you need to become intimate with the materials, to learn how and why they act the way they do, what you can change and what you must live with. There’s a reason Inktober encourages you to use real ink (even though there’s no Inktober police and you can do whatever you want or need to do).

Plus, the materials get you in touch with a whole world of history, chemistry, economics, geography, anthropology, mysticism, and so on tied up into these substances we use to create color. I think it’s a rich world that many people don’t even look into.

On the other hand, there can be a steep price tag to it all, and those cadmiums inevitably end up all over your skin, jammed up in your cuticles, and probably in your mouth. 

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