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Bruma Sketchbook Sketch by GoldenWolf by Bruma

Bruma Sketchbook Sketch by GoldenWolf


A beyond-awesome rendition of Bruma by one of my personal favorite anthro artists of all time, GoldenWolf. Done in my personal sketchbook at DragonCon 2014. My scanner really screwed this one over, and this was the best I could get and watermark, so yeah.

So, a little background on how I got this: while I was at GoldenWolf's booth, I asked (well, bribed her really) if she would take a quick sketch commission of my character. Providing my sketchbook and giving references, not only did she accept, she was also able to get it done within a very short amount of time, and WOW! I already had the utmost admiration and respect for her, but after seeing that she was able to pull this off within the only time I would be able to attend, and so spectacularly I might add, words cannot express how thrilled and impressed I am with all of it; if anything, I admire and respect her now more than ever. With just the few references I gave, just look and behold! Sure my battle rifle (an Imbel M964) may not be as immensley detailed as I would normally want, but that she added it without my expectation (well, I never told her not to LOL) and the fact that all of everything is there, as well as that I was able to get this sketch at all, I could care less about one little thing. Oh, I am forever grateful to GoldenWolf; I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! I will definitely commission a REAL piece sometime in the future should I ever get the chance.

So that's that: Bruma the Traveler done GoldenWolf-style!

Artwork © GoldenWolf
Bruma © Bruma (me)