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"Investigating the Ruins" by TheTigress by Bruma

"Investigating the Ruins" by TheTigress


A colored sketch commission done by the fantastic TheTigress, featuring me as Bruma and my buddy Phantom as , well, Phantom.

It would appear we have come across a derelict building (or tomb) in Phantom's world, so the both of us chose to investigate. We are well equipped to fight if we have to, Phantom with his signature staff weapon, and me with a 5.56mm H&K G36C Assault Rifle with a x1 Cantilever red/green dot sight, in addition to my regular handgun and knife. Clearly, we are not alone, as all the creepy glowing eyes in the shadows would advertise. We know they're close. What are these creatures up to? Will they stay back? Will they attack? Oh, the suspense!

So it's official: if it wasn't clear now, my association with furries as been irrevocably confirmed. God help me.

I approached Phantom a few months back about this dual commission idea I'd been brewing in my head for some time. He liked it, and after we settled on TheTigress as the artist, with me acting as the go-between, this is what she was able to put together. Both of us love how it turned out, and I hope the rest of you share the same satisfaction in viewing as we do!

Artist's Post on FA
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Artwork © TheTigress
Bruma © Bruma (me)
Phantom © PhantomFullForce

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