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The Chosen One, Unwilling by BronzeHeart92

Was it destiny? Or was it simply dumb luck? These and more questions came to me as I started drifting through space. Well, maybe 'space' isn't the right term to use. For starters, I could still breathe. And instead of stars, I saw landscapes. Well, what looked like landscapes at any rate.

All of the sudden, a voice called out me.

  • Can you hear me?

I looked around for the source of noise and yet I found nothing. Did someone truly say something? Or was it all in my head?

  • I'll repeat, can you hear me?

There was it again. I was sure it wasn't my imagination then. Would it say something if I answered back? Well, it doesn't hurt to try...

  • Yes, I can hear you. Who are you and what is this place?

  • Glad to hear you're still conscious. Where do you think you are, young one?

Where I was? I'm pretty sure I've never read anything about a dimension like this. Unless...

  • I'm not really sure. But it feels faintly familiar. Like it's my world. But in reverse and all messed. A reversed world?

  • Yes, young one. You're in my domain, the Distortion World. And I am Giratina. Long ago, Arceus, the Original One, assigned me here to oversee the balance between the matter and anti-matter. The debris of what could not be.

  • Oh yes, I remember now. I remember reading about such an entity before. So why am I here, Giratina? For what purpose have you summoned me?

I felt a little chill on my body. Or was it really a chill? Being that I was currently drifting in the world opposite from the material one, it was anybody's guess what I truly felt. Was this the end? Was Giratina somehow punishing me? I felt pieces of my consciusness slipping away. All that I could do was to pray for a way back.

  • Young one, I understand if this comes very suddenly. But here's a reason why I needed to talk to you. It's about a looming threat. And since you alone possess the Soul of Restoration, you're the only one who can save the entirety of existence.

  • And what makes you think I would ever agree to that?

And what came out was only silence. Looks like even deities can be caught off guard. More determined than ever, I carried on.

  • Look, you have to access the reality of the situation here, o mighty Giratina. I have my own life, understand? I have school, I have my studies. So what gives you right to submit hapless humans to your whims, 'chosen one' or not?


Giratina's furious voice echoed in the Distortion World, making the hairs on my neck stand up. It was then I knew that I had to play my cards right. One wrong move and it'll end me for sure. I knew that I can do this. I HAD to.

  • You presume you can get away with disobeying my orders? Such hubris, my words are absolute!

  • Yeah, maybe they are. But what if I'm not the only one with a 'Sould of Restoration' out there? Why not search and get somebody else to be your pawn?

  • Only one Soul of Restoration can only exist within each era, that's how things have always been since time immemorial.

  • But what if things are different this time? Go on, search for other Souls and hard. In return, please let me go. Let me return to my normal life.

I smirked inside. Perhaps there's a chance for me after all.

  • Very well, I will search the lands for an another who possessess the Soul of Restoration. But if such Soul is nowhere to be found, you will have to obey once I contact you once more. Do I make myself clear?

  • Yeah, I heard you Giratina. I wish luck on your endeavour.

I felt mist gathering around me. Once I came to, I was in my bed once more. That means I shouldn't have to worry about Giratina's demands for now. I looked at their usual corner and saw my Vaporeon and Hakamo-o still sleeping soundly. Relieved that it wasn't morning yet, I began to sleep, hoping that I can have a better dream this time...

The Chosen One, Unwilling


2 December 2021 at 14:01:30 MST

Legendaries can be fickle beings. Therefore it takes guts to outright defy their will.

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