"Helping" In the kitchen by Brock O'Meles

"Helping" In the kitchen

Brock O'Meles

4 June 2014 at 07:06:22 MDT

Bella's not a good cook. Period. By ANY stretch of the imagination. This is why I usually do all the cooking when I'm big, and try to have enough meals put aside in the freezer (and cookies baked) that if I'm stuck at a younger age for a while, I'm not going to have to suffer cookie withdrawals or risk food poisoning with Bella's cooking.

Except if I'm stuck for more than a week. We ran out of cookies. Now, this might not SEEM like a dire emergency to you, why not just go out and buy some more at the super-market, eh? Blasphemy. You've never had my cookies, have ye? I may be an cookie addict, but I have standards.

So, instead, I talked Bella into letting me help her make another batch of cookies, just to get me through the day. She sat me up on the counter, and I walked her through the measuring and the mixing of the dry ingredients. Flour, sugar, a little baking powder, pinch of salt, a hint of cloves and nutmeg. I instructed her to on how to precisely measure each ingredient and mix it in our big blue bowl.

That done, I had her get the rest of the ingredients from the fridge while I inspected her progress... BIG mistake. With her back turned and her head buried in the fridge, I accidentally leaned too hard on the edge of the bowl, and... POOF! The bowl slipped on edge and catapulted the contents right in my face!

I sat there for a moment, blinking in shock, before letting out a little cough and puff of powder. Bella turned around... and just laughed.

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    Maybe you should teach her some important cooking stuff while you're big so this doesn't happen again...