WZL Conbadge Exchange: Hex by Briarwood

WZL Conbadge Exchange: Hex


26 June 2017 at 17:16:27 MDT

May/June's conbadgeexchange trade for Larka Larka, and probably the biggest badge I've made so far :o it's a little over 8 inches tall! This one has some bright purplish accent lighting and a cloud-print back. Hope you like it Larka, if you would like the original it's ready to ship!

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    Something tells me you have fun with these. ^^

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      I do! I will probably have to sit July's round out, though, I'm gonna be super busy this next month.

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        Yeah, I'm hoping that signing up wasn't a mistake, what with the express classes and all.

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    That coloring is absolutely beautiful! :)

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    whuuut i never saw this o.o

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    but this is absolultely fantastic i love it! Your style suits him so well omg! I'd defo love to have the original, how much would shipping to the UK be? :)

    thank you so much though ahhhh i love this way too much ;o;

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      whoops, sorry- I must have forgotten to leave a shout on your page x_x

      shipping is uh... probably around $5?

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        haha no worries :'3

        whats your paypal? i'll PM you my address :)