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Name's Briar Spark. Self-taught artist. Draw Chrysalis. And ponies. And Chrysalis.

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February 2017

Briar's log, stardate 170225.22

Hi, guys! Another bunch of topics

Dude, where you've been?

Sorry, for some drama (well, I'm a Rarity in the heart, so :D) and absent! I still didn't figure out should I be more "human" on in the Internet of should I be more in "business guy mode". Now I've put myself together and will get back to work.

Why so many "sexy" art? Hm, hm, hm!

Two reasons. The first: I'm a boy and I, um, like girls. The second is I believe this kind of pictures help me to draw bodies better. Because, when you draw a comic or somethin' "funny", often the whole idea dims the quality of artwork. Kinda like "Your drawing is sh$#, but I like the idea!". If you draw pinup, there are just "you done it right" or "you fail". And I want to draw it right. At least, I think so.

Which means that I continue to draw it and emotions (portraits or similar).

Ok. I got it! I got it! Pervert. But why anthro? Changelings and ponies have four legs after all!

Well. Before the ponies (or should I say the-best-invention-of-human-brain-in-the-universe since semiconductors! ... Oh, sorry, I forgot it's 2017 already! Not a thing anymore!) I like to draw cartoonish characters. And I like to draw them bipedal. Like in Zootopia, for example. You see, for me there are three groups of characters: animals (doesn't matter talking or not), anthros or furries (furries === anthro in my perspective) and humans (or other humanoids). And the thing is I like to draw anthro the most. Always do. So that's the answer. Doesn't mean that I'll never draw a pony, of course I'll do!

Still drawing her? :)

I... I... I can't... stop... She won't let me! She's always telling me... All those things in my head! Can't stop her voice! I have to obey... Guys, guys! I'm not like that! At least I think I do...

Thank you for the reading! With all of you this journey is 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat!

Briar out.

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    Do you have a changeling oc?

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      Nope. I still don't have any OC ^^