hello, everyone! i'm kite, and this is my commissions account.


for your character

reference ( static character sheet )
$ 15.00
add  a custom design
$ 5.00

valoria commissions

fullbody ( posed character )
$ 15.00
add  an additional character
$ 10.00

commissions for valoria only! c: private message me on nephilim with the following:

for fullbody commissions
great for adding that dynamic flair to your profile! and also a great gift for friends c;
character(s): wat dey name yo
character reference(s): link me dat shit
character pose(s): ( please try to be specific; don't forget to add expression! if you can't think of any, include a short blurb about their personality, and i'll try to capture it for you! )

for reference commissions
great for ppl who want a more official reference, especially if they've just used a lineart, etc. every character is a unique individual, let it shine!
specifications: ( reference link or what colors, build, etc. be specific! do they have sharp cheekbones? almond eyes? a half tail? are their ribs showing? ARE THEY HERCULES )
point cost: ( how much are you willing to spend on val? )


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    Wow, your feline work is incredible :OOO! <3

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    dear people of weasyl:
    how do bckgrounds
    do they even exist
    y they so mysterious
    wow so mystery

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    I like what I see so far. :) Nice art, I'm quite interested.

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      ;A; wow thank you, your art is fabulous as well!