Guardian: The Tormented Spirit by BooneDog (critique requested)

Guardian: The Tormented Spirit (critique requested)


5 April 2021 at 13:02:09 MDT

"It was supposed to be a simple solo expedition. Our people were outgrowing the safety of the walls and even the brief promise of another home was tempting, but had we known what waited for us...if I had known what it was that I was looking at in that moment, we would have put fire to the entire place twice over just to be safe.

It was still breathing. I can still hear the wet rasp of it's lungs against stone and the bubbling drool in its mass of teeth. Masses moved beneath it's skin in places where spurs of bone had punched through, and the walls throbbed with it's circulation. Thinking back on it now, the way it's single intact eye met mine with such clarity and understanding was the most horrible part. It was aware of what was happening, it felt every moment. When I think of that, Zakan's knife looks more and more friendly.

Is that what I'll become when this curse is done with me? Is it my fate to be a flayed creature tragically aware of it's own slowly approching doom? Driven mad by the agony of my own body bending apart?

And then I think of Nati, and I lower the knife. All curses can be removed. I just have to find out how."
-Excerpt from Asdza's journal.

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