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Inktober Day 8 The Gardener (speedpaint color) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Inktober Day 8 The Gardener (speedpaint color) (critique requested)


Video can be seen here;

This is the completed drawing and coloring of this; wasn't sure if I should list this as two different entries or one. But still.once again This one was a similar process to mushroom hunter. This is Reese McAllister. He's been on my mind lately , he needs some attention . he is my little walking house plant.I based his coloring and design off the forever susan lily flower; Just works on his garden most times and makes weird teas the rest of the time. Ever want to try rose hip and mint tea? He makes it.

Rue and Reese are friends so I thought a nice them could show between the two. Kinda wish I added some mushroom somewhere in here but the mountains should be a good clue.

Supplies used;
Strathmore mixed media paper
pilot brush pen soft and hard varients
white gelly roll
Lyra Rembrandt polycolor pencils