The allure of dreams (Speedpaint) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

The allure of dreams (Speedpaint) (critique requested)


25 September 2018 at 14:50:25 MDT

Video can be seen here;

It makes sense because Morrigan , and many succubi and inccubi for that matter , can enter your dreams. I mean it sucks for most but I am sure some like it.Its been a while since I drew Morrigan, years I think. I want sure if I wanted her to look more anime or more realistic,you can see how she shifts on the video. Love morrigan ,used to be one of the main characters I played as in the game.

I had a mind to color this but I just really like the black and white look , it almost looks like a comic type art. Morrigan is just fun to draw.Believe it or not , Morrigan
Made in clip studio paint pro
Morrigan and the Darkstalkers belong to capcom