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Rue the Mushroom Hunter by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Rue the Mushroom Hunter (critique requested)


She looks for the best shrooms at half the rate. She knows how to find the really good truffles too. She collects are all edible and medicinal.she hides the poisonous ones though, gotta keep some around in case some idiot eats a poisonous one and she needs to make a counter active. Mushrooms can be tricky, some times the ugly ones are safe to eat while the pretty or interesting looking ones will kill you. And vice versa so it helps to keep a keen eye. Ruebelle is pretty good at it, has only been horribly poisoned two times-which is a pretty good record!

She's also just as good with plants and cataglorizing them , but I wanted to draw her with some shrooms for the moment. Other characters will feature flowers heavily so this is a good break up. I would like to come up with a short story for this sometime , its a cute idea to me but maybe some other time. Ah , the original linework is here;