Bright and sunny by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Bright and sunny (critique requested)


27 August 2018 at 22:23:45 MDT

Heres Taleem , just as promised. It has been a while since I drew her , It feels nostalgic. I really need to update some reference sheets too: Pasha , Taleem , Fennel , Reese, Damara, and Lynette need a new one.They may also look kinda different with my style changing and all.
The lineart is another of my saji pen practices. I thought it would look really nice with Taleem's long flowing hair , so the strokes would have worked well. Learned I work better with short strokes than I do long ones but that is why we have practice. ^ ^ I colored the line art in clip studio and I got a little detailed with the eyes. I was thinking of doing it in screen tone though. That would look neat.
I love drawing her fangs though , it looks so cute to me. I have half a mind to make her a chimera neriam but she hides it well. That would be cool.

painted in clip studio paint pro