Sally practice by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Sally practice (critique requested)


27 August 2018 at 22:14:51 MDT

Saw a few others doing some Sally art and I have been wanting to for a while. Started to look at some references and then looked more into her development. For the years I have known her (I tend to follow the games. Never read the archie comics consistently yet I am fairly familiar with its lore and many characters.) I have always wondered what the hell sally is supposed to be: species wise. The story standpoint is a topic for another day. Like , her dad is a squirrel right and her mom is apparently a chipmunk. So that would mean she is a hybrid but I guess they call her a squirrel out if convenience? But she doesn't really look like either, sometimes she looked like a cat or a hedgehog to me.

The tail didn't help either. Like, chipmunk tails may not be as bushy but they do have long tails. It must be some trait to have a short tail. (When I learned she was a chipmunk mix , I thought someone chopped it off of her at some point and it made the series so much darker to me. ;m; of course they didn't but it would add a horrific twist to the story. They already made her a robot like...three times and made her with pants. XD)

So i had the idea to of a hybrid version of her , like what she might look like if the showed the squirrel/chipmunk hybrid more in the design. The sketch was already done when I got the idea though and I still wanted to draw sally as is to some extend. Thats why we have a concept of "Hybrid" sally and a bust of "Normal" sally. At least and earlier version of her when she had brown hair instead of red. Thought it was pretty with the blue. I honestly planned for this to be a quick pic , but I ended up making it more detailed than planned so it took me a while longer than I wanted it to.

And with the whole comic debacle last year , I am not sure who owns her now. It really is sad what happened and I there are still reprints later down the line.


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    She looks great in your style!
    It was odd how she never had a tail.

    Man, the Sonic franchise is so broken up and confused it's actually impressive.

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      Like it's possible to make a series with a single canon.

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        Thank you very much! I found it odd too, her tail is a whole other theory. a controversy in a way. Oh man , tell me about it. literally each game is like its own separate universe. Not to mention the comics are scattered in their own continuity. But that is just part of the fun.

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          I guess Zelda and Mario aren't much different. :L