Rouge jade vine bat by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Rouge jade vine bat (critique requested)


10 June 2018 at 10:12:29 MDT

We've had Sakura pink Sonic, Amy Blue Moon Rose , and now Rouge Jade vine Bat! Keep it going , lets make this a thing!
I was inspired by :iconemmzieem: with her piece; She brought up an interesting trend about how she has been seeing a lot of pink sonics and now here we are!

I was gonna name this, either "Bijou Vert" "voleur Vert " , because vert is french for green and Rouge's name is french for red. I though it was suitable. I also really really like jade vine flowers;
They are soooo pretty! This was also two seconds off from being either knuckles or blaze. I love knuckles but I wasn't sure such a delicate flower suites him...Maybe a green cala lily? And I didn't really want to draw blaze although I did have a gold chrysanthemum concept in mind.
I thought the Jade vine flower would be suitable but I remembered that jade stone is fairly matte with the color being its selling point for most (Including me, love jade stone.) but Rouge usually prefers the shinies like emeralds and diamonds and such. So I am not sure how she feels about jade.

materuals used;
STrathmore mixed media paper
touch five markers
Sakura pigma micron 0.01 green
gelly roll pen white