A beautiful lie by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

A beautiful lie (critique requested)


31 May 2018 at 18:48:06 MDT

The main thing with rose is that she has a lot of hair , like , almost too much but not quite overboard. And its curly! I love drawing hair so of course I love drawing characters that have a lot of it. Going purely by design and not personality once again, as my personal opinion of Rose. With pink diamond with my micron liners but I used my good old dip pens for. Most of this was the thin maru pen but I find the saji/tama pen to have grown on me a bit. I like the look and I need to practice and them more.

Defined her waist line and wanted to add detail to her flower petal like accents to her dress.

Materials used ;
Strathmore mixed media
Speedball Indian ink
Maru pen
Saji/tama pen

Rose quartz and Steven universe belongs to cartoon network and co


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    I think it was worth all that time and effort. She looks beautiful, and I like her graceful pose too!