Brilliant hibiscus tea by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Brilliant hibiscus tea (critique requested)


31 May 2018 at 18:42:17 MDT

Best title I could come up with.I thought the flower used to represent her looked like a hibiscus so I went with that.

I have been wanting to draw pink diamond for a while. Some parts I like some I don't , I am thinking of doing a redesign idea for her but I think overall I like her design. She is a very cute character.
I feel mixed about her color pallet and I wish it were closer to rose quartz's colors instead. I like how floofy her hair is though. The light shade for it is nice. That aside I might color this later bit I really like this line work. I am of course referring strictly to her design,I will discuss how I feel about her in terms of character and development another day.

I am going to draw Rose too. there are some things I really like about Steven universe such as ; the backgrounds , the potential central story it had ( I wish they would focus more on it tbh) , and a few of the character's designs catch my eye. I just don't make fan art of it that often.

Materials :
Sakura pigma microns 0.02, 0.005
Strathmore mix media paper

Pink diamond and Steven universe belongs to cartoon network.