The Yearning of the Law: Part 1 - The Invoking by BlueKittyTales

The Yearning of the Law: Part 1 - The Invoking


23 June 2018 at 02:46:48 MDT

Part 2:

When I saw that the Second Annual Carmelita Appreciation Day was being held, I saw it as an opportunity I simply couldn't turn down. And with that, I bring you my entry, a two part story that reveals another side of the bond Carmelita and Sly share. When she finds that Sly has slipped a love letter into her coat pocket while escaping from her, she gets an idea. It not only risks exposing secrets she'd wanted to keep hidden, but also serves as a chance to finally bring him down. Will she succeed in her mission, or will she let her feelings for him get in her way? Soon you will find out. ^^

This first part was finished during the first day of ConFuzzled - with no events running that day and with me not wanting to start Fursuiting until the day after, I turned my attention to this story. :3

Hosted by RedDeadFox and MaveriKat, this event is getting well underway, and don't forget to check out the contest they're running this time around! Those of you who are fans of Sly Cooper or otherwise lust after Inspector Carmelita Fox will not be disappointed by what you will find here. ;3

Sly Cooper and all elements therein belong to Sanzaru Games, Sony and Sucker Punch.

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