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Bluefox Reference Sheet


2 January 2017 at 00:23:10 MST

This is my first Reference Sheet for BlueFox. He is one of the main characters in Bluefoxcomics. I am pretty happy to actually get this done. I am still working on making the comic itself better and I will start publishing again soon as long as school doesn't get too overbearing. This semester is looking kind of daunting, but I am looking forward to finally start into publishing this comic and putting what is all in my head together. Thank you so much for all your help and watches!

Este es mi primero pagina de referencia. Él es un personaje principal en Bluefoxcomics. Estoy feliz para poder terminar esto. Estoy trabajando con la linea de historia para el comic y hacerlo mucho mejor. Voy a empezar publicar regularmente con el comic si mis clases a la universidad no me dan demasiado trabajo. Este semestre puede ser muy dificíl pero estoy con esperanzas trabajar con el comic y poner todo que esta en mi mente en algo tangible

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    I guess we'll find out soon enough how the semester goes. Keep at it!

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      Yeah. I hoping it turns out to be a lot more manageable than the last. I will keep at this though. It is a good destressor for me.

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        Destressors sound like a handy thing to have.