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I am just an average college student working towards a double bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Spanish. I hope to graduate with those within a few years and then I am off to grad-school! I am trying to balance everything right now between school, life, hobbies, and other pursuits and interests I have a hard time keeping up. I am really kind of a nerd and I enjoy many things like Dr. Who, Starwars, and plenty of other nerdy things, but I also love things like gardening, bonsai, and cultivating plants. . . so you could say my interests vary widely.

I absolutely love furry/anthro cartoons and art. I have been a fan for a few years but now I am working on making my contribution and trying to create and write my own comic and develop my own characters. It is still a major work in progress, but I am happy with what I have done so far and I only ever have room to learn and grow. I love to meet new people and make lot's of friends, I know that this is one of the best ways to actually learn and become better at everything that I do! I am always open for constructive feedback and advice and I really admire a lot of the art and work that goes into creating what we all enjoy.

Please feel free to enjoy, comment, chat and become my friend, I hope to get to know a lot of amazing people!

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Delays, Reworking, and More (English and Spanish)

on 27 October 2016 at 09:26:53 MDT

Delays, Reworking, and More
Hello Everyone. I first want to thank everyone that has been a great support to the little bit of art and effort that I have published and put into my comic. I really appreciate the comments, constructive criticism and advice that I have received. To be very honest, it has been great to take this step and start putting some of my work out there. I have a lot to learn and I appreciate the help that all of you have provided to help me become better and motivate me to continue.
I have been going through a lot more life events that I had expected this school semester. To just put a story short is that I have been dealing with off episodes of depression and other problems and all at the same time I have moved closer to the university’s campus. It seems like I am finally finding my equilibrium again. I have been looking and watching off and on some of my favorite artists but working on my own stuff has been very slow and I have been lacking motivation.
To add even more to all this I was having computer problems which resulted in replacing my old computer. Due to poor efforts to back up my work I lost everything that I had been working on! This has really set me back on my comic. I was very close to publishing the next panel, (It would have been published last week), but I lost it and I cannot find it anywhere.
At first I was very upset about all of this, but I have decided to take it as an opportunity to analyze and rethink my comic and work. Since I have lost everything I am going to take it as an opportunity to reestablish myself and rework the comics storyline. I hope to make it much better. I have a lot to learn still and changing over to electronic medium has been a rather awkward step for me.
I have never considered myself as a professional artist (in fact I have only ever had one art class that was required to get my associates degree and it only covered traditional art mediums and color theory). I am still a student, so my priority lies with passing my classes and getting good grades and scholarships, so there will still be periods of delay to publish the comic throughout my scholarly career. Writing and drawing Bluefox Comics and drawing pictures are just some of the things that I do to maintain my sanity while I am devoting most of my life to study.
The new revision (and getting my grades up) will take me a few months but Bluefox Comics will become much better. I hope to give the comic more structure and depth with its context and because of continual practice and drawing my art will get much better as well as time goes by.
Thank you for your patience and support. I will be posting artwork periodically as I practice, and create a better background for the Comic’s blog and such, so please check my pages on Inkbunny, Furaffinity, Weasyl and Deviantart. The links are listed below.

Retrasos, Hacer el comic de nuevo, y más,
¡Hola todos! Quiero agradecer a todos que me han apoyado y ayudado durante ese tiempo que estuve publicando el comic. Estoy agradecido por los comentarios y criticismo constructivo que he recibido. Han sido una fuente beneficio en mis esfuerzos de mejorar el comic. Tengo mucho para aprender y todo el ayudo me han dado me motivo para continuar en este aprendizaje.
Hace algunos meses que estuve pasando de muchos eventos de la vida. Estuve experimentando mucho con la depresión y otros sentimientos negativos. Encima de todo eso estuve en el proceso de mudarme a un nuevo apartamento para estar más cerca de la universidad. Por fin yo siento que estoy encontrando equilibro una vez más en mi vida. He estado por el internet de vez en cuando para mirar el arte de algunas de mis artistas preferidas, pero no he estado con mucha motivación para continuar con el comic hasta ahora.
Con todos esos problemas, también tuve problemas con mi computadora. Los problemas resultaron en un reemplazamiento de mi computadora con una computadora nueva. Como resultado de eso (combinado con el hábito malo de no guardar mis trabajos en dos lugares) perdí todo el trabajo y el comic próximo que estuve por publicar. Yo iba a publicarlo la semana pasada. No puedo encontrar en ninguna de mis carpetas, está perdido.
Estuve de mal humor sobre todo de eso pero con tiempo decidí mirar esta situación como una oportunidad de analizar y re-pensar de lo que estoy haciendo con el comic. Voy a usar esta oportunidad para hacer algunos cambios y mejorar el comic en sí y también la historia entera, y hacer lo que puedo para mejorar el arte también. Espero hacer todo mejor, dibujar por medios electrónicos es muy nuevo para mí, pero estoy aprendiendo y con practica y tiempo voy hacer arte mejor.
Nunca he pensado que yo soy una artista profesional, y solo he tomado una clase de arte que solo involucró los medios de arte y la teoría de usar colores. Soy un estudiante entonces el recibir buenas notas es la primera prioridad que tengo, y después hacer cosas como arte y los comics. El dibujar y escribir a Bluefox Comics es una de las maneras como yo mantengo la sanidad mental con todas las tareas y estudios que tengo que hacer.
Para repasar todo el contenido del comic (y hacer que mis notas sean mejor) me tardará algunos meses, pero Bluefox Comics será mucho mejor. Espero dar el comic más estructura y profundidad de contexto.
Muchas gracias por su apoyo (y leer este diario muy largo) y su paciencia. Estaré publicando arte de ves en cuando porque estaré practicando el dibujo y también haciendo cosas como una nueva imagen de fondo para el blog de Bluefox Comics. Síganme por Inkbunny, Furaffinity, Weasyl y Deviantart si quieran ver los publicaciones. He puesto los links abajo.

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