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Yoho Diggersby tho? by blueberrybamf

Yoho Diggersby tho?


4 June 2015 at 12:16:29 MDT

After I made my pirate Abra, I wanted to do more pokepirates. And Diggersby was #2 on my list because he already fits the dirty drunken pirate type.

Cookie to anyone who can name all the pokemon featured and referenced. (there should be 11)

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    Chatot, duskull, tepig, honedge, doublade, Cofagrigus, pignite, marowak, diggersby... What am I missing? Unown on the pirate hat maybe?

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      Yes, there is Unknown but its on the tattoo with the honedge. ^^

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        Okay I see it now. Really small detail haha, that makes ten, so I am still missing one Dx

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        Give me a hint? Or a general area to focus on? :3

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          It is on the tattoo pirate hat, and it isnt an Unkown, another sort of small detail lol.

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            Okay, I'm stumped. There are a few I can think of that /kinda/ feel like they might be there, but some of the other details make me think it isn't them. I really wracked my brain trying to think of what it could be xS

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              the mark on his hat is the same mark that is on Koffings belly

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                OOOOOOOOOH, DUH! xD I knew I was going to realize it as soon as you told me haha