Cuca is coming for you by bludermaus

Cuca is coming for you


4 December 2018 at 17:57:31 MST

"Someone has been a very naughty child... Cuca loves to have naughty children... for dinner"

Cuca is a creature from Brazil's folklore, an alligator-shaped woman with talon-like hands that comes for children who misbehave. Their taste is lovely to her.
Cuca is very famous here, but people mostly remember her looks from a TV Show from the 70's that used folklore characters as their cast. On the show she was the main villain, but she was mostly a comic relief who didn't do anything too evil.

I always thought of Cuca as a very heavyset woman (due to many misbehaving children existing), always sporting a huge grin on her face to showcase her large fangs, her fiery-eyes always on the lookout for children to devour. I added a few other details I thought would make her creepy, like having the a child's skull on top of her staff or the necklace made of teeth extracted from her victims. You know, creepy, how a folklore creature should be!

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