[REFERENCE] - Sophia McGill Chamberlain by bludermaus

[REFERENCE] - Sophia McGill Chamberlain


14 October 2017 at 16:00:08 MDT

Remember this character over here?: https://www.weasyl.com/~bludermaus/submissions/1545580/reference-myrian-mcgill-chamberlain
Well, guess what? She has a daughter now!

Meet Sophia Chamberlain, daughter of the giant dragoness Myrian and a male human. Usually, the child of such couples are either a human with dragon-blood akin to the sorcerers from D&D, or a dragon who is more normal-sized but otherwise just as powerful magically as any other dragon.
But Sophia ended up being quite different. Her dragon blood got so mixed with her father's blood that she became a fully-fledged half-dragoness. The body of a human but with some dragonic characteristics, such as the scales of her mother covering her body, long claws, dark sclera, horns, forked tongue and sharp teeth. For some unknown reason she was also born with abnormally large strong hands, but everything else is completely normal.

Don't let her appearance fool you! She might look angry and tough, but she's actually quite the kind lady. But don't underestimate her, she's still the daughter of a dragon and she's strong enough to be able to crush any fool that might wrong her in any way without a VERY good excuse.
Interestingly, regardless of how long she has lived and how more thoughtful and mature she is compared to some people, she can be a bit selfish and childish sometimes. She might be more than a hundred years old, but that is quite young for a half-dragoness.

Nonetheless, she lives a relatively normal life and work as a sub-editor for a magazine. Having such large hands can be a bit difficult from time to time, especially when handling fragile and/or small objects, but everything goes well most of the time.
She has a healthy friendly relationship with her mother, whom she lives with. Her father has long since passed away and is dearly missed by his daughter, but she has already accepted somewhat that death is a natural part of life and it is something that will be seen many times by everyone, especially such a person like her that has a very lenghty lifespan.
She also got a girlfriend, a short monster-girl, who I will be drawing later in the future, as a reference sheet and then a picture or two of them together.

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