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Rean badges


3 July 2013 at 05:02:19 MDT

Long time no original characters so here they are.

For fun and experimenting. I'm not skilled enough anyway. Just wanted to practice a bit colouring high contrast pencil sketch. It's fairly easy.

I honestly could have done letters more carefully, that's the biggest flaw. Shame on me. And these are not square ;u; I forgot.

Digital, I love you! You're my favourite nightmare. It's really time for looking up some tutorials and learn from them. It seems like most people lately use the technique of colouring by doing whole picture in black and white first and then adding colour on a different layer. You know, Katie Hofgard do like that. Or is it only my feeling, maybe this technique was present all the time... Anyway, seems like most people do this now.

My problem with falling behind with everything is that I dislike doing what everybody do. Wouldn't be that bad if only I could be a genius and find my own awesome way of doing things. But I'm not a genius, as we all know already x3.

For a concluson. You have to try out everything and learn it, at least the basics. Then do a hell lot of pictures for practice and experimenting. Then comes originality and own style. Simple as this.

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