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Okay this is a bit about my character!

Bloody Flame is a wolf with a fire like fur pattern, muscular build and covered in scars. He can control the element of fire with ease and has been in many battles, having fought everything from dragons to giants. not coming through unscathed mind you, but he is proud of every single one of his scars he has.

Typically he is shirtless with just jeans on, he prefers not to wear shoes. his most prominent scar is an x shaped scar on his torso that starts from his shoulder and goes down to the opposite hip on each side. battle scars lace his muscular frame.

He comes from a group of natives known as the blood tribe, they are a group of warriors that use their blood to call fourth their element. Cutting open Bloody Flame in a fight would be a horrible idea because you would get nothing but a face full of fire. Flame is one of their strongest warriors next to his brother Bloody Iron. Flame, like all members of the blood tribe, carry around a dagger on their hip. If this dagger is pulled you better hope he just stabs you with it, other wise hes having his opponent well-down if not completely chared up. Flame can also super heat his body parts by forcing small amounts of blood into his pores. Doing this also gives him the ability to create and throw fireballs without cutting his hand completely open. While this ability is convient it is rather painful for bloody to experience, however being the good warrior he is he never shows that hes seriously feeling pain.

His personality matches up with mine, which i'm a rather easy person to get along with and I love making new friends so feel free to message me if you feel i'm someone you can talk to :) I'll be having commissions of my character done soon and anybody that wants to draw him feel free to message me ^^ i'm always willing to pay for good work.


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