Big Step by blood-wolf94

Big Step


6 June 2019 at 21:15:28 MDT

I drew this picture a few weeks ago. It was just supposed to be a little sketch to draw while I waited for the nightmare colossus fight to start on
champions online but I decided to finish it off. (well kind of, I did get bored and not finish everything properly..) I am going to redo the picture because I know the whole thing is very slanted.
It probably didn't help that My left hand was on my keyboard making Zero spin around a lamp post pretending he's pole dancing and my right hand was drawing.
I probably should have stopped the being weird in the game... (at least the people there enjoyed Zero's pole dancing X3)

(I also might as well give the little backstory behind the picture)
It's Toxic's birthday and instead of waiting till the evening when he knew everyone was coming over to his house, Zero decided to be brave and go out and
see Toxic so he could spend time with him through the day (Toxic lives in the middle of town and there's more people in town, so Zero doesn't see Toxic much.)
After spending awhile at Toxic's house, they decided that they should go to a restaurant, so they could do something nice for Toxic and a small step forwards for Zero.
So they walk to the restaurant and that's where they are in the picture... I did think of more backstory after that but i'm not writing the whole thing (and it was 3 weeks ago now so I can't completely remember it now any way)

(Not sure if this description is really enough to tell but Zero has an anxiety disorder so he's too scared to leave the house or go anywhere where there are people he doesn't know. It's why the picture is called big step XP)


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