You Wanna Be Careful by blood-wolf94

You Wanna Be Careful


14 August 2018 at 21:02:13 MDT

Edit: I forgot to add Dash's markings around his eye and on his hair, I also forgot to turn on one of the shading layers... There the only mistakes i will fix XP

I've got quite a few different worlds, of my characters that I've accidentally created because of animations I've started or planned on making. And this one is this a kind of messed up, twisted, creepy world. I was sketching out stuff of each character in this version of them and I decided to colour this one to try and figure out the kind of colour i wanted to use to make them creepier.
And then I spent the rest of the day just drawing this picture...Which I didn't really want to do XP

I have other stuff I want to finish but for some reason I felt like I needed to finish this.

I didn't really care too much about getting all the muscle right or just fixing up mistakes, I stress myself out trying to make things perfect because I feel like people will hate me or be disappointed or something if I mess up, but because I wasn't going to post this I didn't feel as stressed. (but now that i'm posting it I feel weird)

I'm also still not exactly sure on what I'm doing with Zero when he gets really upset or angry. I want to make him quite a lot bigger, to make him seem more monstrous (and that adds even more to his self hate..) but he's also still pretty young and still growing so I don't want to make him too big.
(In this evil world he's almost always angry so he's always going to be huge..or Huger than usual)

(I just realized that I guess I could just draw him when he's older and decide on the right size from that, Reading over what I'm thinking seems to be helping me)

I think I typed out too much... :P

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    No one in their right mind is gonna' hate somebody for posting something that isn't perfect. And I think it's neat that you uploaded this anyways, even if you hadn't intended to.
    The whole idea of alternate worlds sounds interesting - perhaps a good way to explore different variations of your characters.

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      I know people wont hate me for making mistakes but I can't help feeling like people will, Like how I feel like I'm always being watched and that somehow people can hear my thoughts and that I even feel like i'm being judged just coming up with ideas in my head. I know it's not possible but I can't help feeling it (I was bullied a lot though in school because I draw and the things i like so that probably doesn't help)

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        Well, I guess that step one is realizing that the thoughts are irrational. Thanks for drawing anyways. ^^