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End of Month Post - April 2021

on 1 May 2021 at 19:29:42 MDT

I'm having to look through what art I even did this month to remind myself what even got finished, because I honestly can't really remember. This will be a bit of a short update, with more disjointed and random thoughts strung together. Enjoy?

I did a lot of concept and experimental work, like pixel art and .gif making.

I ran into more issues with ASP's memory limits with the iPad, but I think I now know what those limits are, and can more easily avoid them in the future. I'm sure they will still happen though.

It's probably a little funny, but I think the usage of ASP has made me start liking doing art a little bit more. The tools and brushes just make sense. The line-art does what I want it to, and I know how to change things into a way that I like more. I couldn't do that very well in Procreate. The brush making in Procreate, which I'm sure I've said before, is... To say it needs a few changes is an understatement. Some settings don't make sense, some settings are in weird spots, some settings flat out do nothing, some settings break the brush, it goes on.

At the end of April, I accepted another round of commissions, but this time from my waiting list only. It makes me feel a little uneasy doing that somehow, but I'm not quite sure why that is, or really what to do about it. So, I guess I'll ignore that feeling and get the work done anyhow!

I'm enjoying doing these daily scribbles / sketches.

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    Your work is amazing!

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      :D THANK YOU! Still much to do though.

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    got some cute art and characters going here :)