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PMD bts: Sol app by Blitzblotch

PMD bts: Sol app


Name: Sol
Gender:  Man( ftm)
 Height: 6 ft /1.8m
Species: Sizzlipede 

Team: Team Solstice
Position: Leader
Branch: Rescuers
Team Type: Solo Leader, Double-Leader, or Team with a Friend!
Team Rank: Rookie
Total Poké:  0
Level: 5

Ability: flash fire
roll out

Nature: Jolly
Characteristic:  highly curious
+Imaginative +caring +Persistent,=Sarcastic =frugal -sneaky -opinionated -petty

Sol likes to be creative with their projects, appling that imagination to how they explore and always looking for an opportunity to use their skills in fun ways. Persistent enough to continue trying even if they fail, and caring enough to always stop to help others in need. As long as they haven't wronged them recently. 

Having helped with a family business, they know how important it is to manage resources and can be a little sassy when things don't meet their expectations. They try to manage on the bare minimum in hopes to be prepared for anything big.  

They can be rather direct about their opinions, sometimes getting them into fights. They will happily hold it against a person for petty revenges and has is pretty good at hiding things. 

Island Name & Hometown: Ash island -  Ember heights 

 Solace was born to a big family of bakers, a multigenerational house of bakers. Some of the members of the family worked with a nearby farm, helping to get grain and fruit, while some choose to work the shop. Thanks to the family he was born to, Solace learned how to bake and sew before they could even read.

Being a bit more of the explorative type of child in their family, Solace took an enjoyment to delivering goods to some of the older members of the town. This gave them a bit more freedom away from home and seeing more of the world outside of their home and families kitchen. Getting to hear the tales and stories from old folks in exchange for giving them a hand here and there, it was an exchange he quite enjoyed. These tales would entice the young child to begin to explore the ideas of life beyond his usual reaches, giving them ideas of grandeur and even opening their eyes to paths they never thought of exploring before.

Getting themselves some pants from a brother, they started literally taking different paths, using the stories to propel them forward. They had a lot of falls learning to scale things quickly Getting tips from the local street kids after a couple of fights and breaking of bread. 

Making friends, getting into trouble, having many ups and downs, and making a lot of good memories on the way. Sol learning quite a bit more about the town from the kids. Especially about leadership, first aid, and taking care of others. 

Sol growing stronger and smarter over time. Sol, while happy to help their family and town kids, wanted to go further out and see the world. Always wanting to go on those adventures they heard as a kid. Finding that out when they heard about the guild. They jumped for it, telling their family where they were going. While getting some protest from some members, they got support. Packing their bags and taking the first boat out. Picking out the rescue branch based on their habits of helping others. 



  • Loves to bake and likes to put chili powder in the chocolate.

  • Loved to rough house and play in the mud 

  • Likes to garden

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