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Alain and Astra by Blitzblotch

Alain and Astra


When you decide that  you don't care about backgrounds enough to stop and just leave everything as is and show people what you got. 

Astra and Alain may be one of my favorite pairs in my comic world. Astra being an adventurous but distant dragon. She's blunt, stubborn, intelligent, distant, sarcastic and stern. She tracks down resource deposits and rare items/creatures outside of the city limits. She tends to have to be rather independent as she is faster then her team and doesn't have the patiences to wait for them.

Alain being friendly optimistic goobber, peppy, smart, and a little to enthusiastic. His academian training as a medic and lack of social skills tends to make him a little bit to nosey and friendly. Scaring others away rather easily if they don't need his help. Especially as a more infamous species of dragon.

Nosing his way into Astra's life, she actually came to be responsive to his doting as a medic and love of her attention. That she won't admit that she liked after a while. He is every bit as capable in his own field and is so very smart, even if he doesn't get her biting sarcasm sometimes. He catches on quick and has been a rather equal partner. She has learned to slow down for him, and has softened her approach to this large butterball of a dragon.

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