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Stray stars: Alain ref by Blitzblotch

Stray stars: Alain ref


Name: Alain
Gender: Male
Guild: Academian 
Class- Illusion - King Abyssal light
Job: Sedation expert- magical and medical
This large water dragon is known for living in dark underwater conditions, some deep, some in caves, and areas with black sands. However, these dragons are considered extremely dangerous due to their habit of attracting creatures to them in the darkness and attacking. Most water dragons have a natural urge to fear them. 

They have thick blubbery hides that are hard to bite through, a large unhinging jaw, tendril like feelers, and bioluminescent stripes. One needs to be wary of the stripes glow as they can easily lull creatures into a trance if stared at for long periods. They also flash them when they get excited and are highly curious and intelligent even for dragons.  

This dragon is actually considered rather rare, being an natural illusion class dragon and a king species.
Partner- Astra

Animated ref

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