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Stray stars: Nova ref by Blitzblotch

Stray stars: Nova ref


Name: Nova

Guild: Outcast/not afflicted

Class: Wind

This dragon has a long body with a medium-light structure. Extra flaps of skin provide more cushion when landings are attempted, slowing him down at a faster rate. While long hooked claws allow the ability to catch and hold onto aerial prey with ease, as well as hook into wooden and rocky faces.

He is able to exhale powerful gales usually used for blowing away the competition or getting himself out of tough situations.

His wings are long and powerful, able to stir up winds forces to get it off the ground quickly and create strong gusts. His chest having a large and strong keel bone to support movements in the air. Long glides through open-air are particularly preferred to this type of dragon, the large size of the wings can be a hindrance when faced with tight conditions or flying through forests. At full speed, this dragon is unable to land properly and ends up sliding or crash landing.

The end of his tail has dark scaling, the top sporting rock like growths, this mutation allows the tail to be used more offensively.