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cela full ref by Blitzblotch

cela full ref


Name : -Cela//Cookie-
Class Light
Guild: Academian
This young light class dragoness is (no pun intended) a pocket full of sunshine. She is positive, confident, determined, and friendly. She has a very positive outlook on life and tries to see the best in people. Which can make her gullible at times. Work in the field has mellowed that out a bit compared to her youth. Studying to become a mage class academian after a close friend of hers disappeared soon after they graduated. Taking up his dream in hopes of finding out what happened to him, over the years learning there are a lot more politics involved then one would expect.
Cela has a light agile body, comparable to a feline Like many light class dragons her feet have thick paw pads that helps buffer sound as she walks. Her claws having some retractability as well. She has some efficiency in climbing structures.
Her tail having a sharp almost ax-like tip, used for cutting and slashing in combat. The back of her body has very light absorbent scales. Not really having a breath attack, she can use the bottom of her wings like a floodlight and suddenly flash opponents blind to give her a chance to attack or flee.

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