Hermione Granger by Blackmoonrose13

Hermione Granger


29 December 2015 at 11:23:08 MST

Lines by http://feindfyre.deviantart.com/
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So I felt like doing Harry Potter stuff again after that piece.

I also noticed you know it never said Hermione's race, yes we have talk about the hair and the eyes but not really her skin.

I thought why not do her as black? I also was inspired by the fan art of her being done as black woman and it's beautiful. I also was inspired by the announcement of the actress for that Harry Potter Play....it's called the cursed child right? I forgot....I am so sorry.

I had this line art of Hermione....that I asked to color a few years ago....well I did it now, and I thought this could work and I did my best I mean I hope I really did good here.

I do regret not putting freckles on her because the actress that will play her in the play has them....I have that regret I feel so sad I didn't do it.

I hope you like it.

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