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Quidditch Player Ginny by Blackmoonrose13

Quidditch Player Ginny


Lines by
Speed Paint

Ginny Weasley Awesome Quidditch player she is. I wish the showed more of it in the movies....though I have a lot of things were done in the you know including Charlie? But you know that is a small issue right?

Any way. I went with the Gryffindor colors because I didn't really find a reference of the Holyhead Harpies uniform colors. If I could I would so would you know kinda a reference to what she does when she was older. But I didn't think about it till more later and references were few.

I also kinda went freckle crazy....I am sorry but the Weasley family has freckles states in the book and I had to. Look at the freckles so nice. I will be honest I wanted to put more on her but I have to learn my limits. But freckles are needed.

I hope you guys like it.

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