Skull Rex by BlackHeartSpiral

Skull Rex


7 May 2013 at 00:28:24 MDT

Skull Rex, as the title implies.

Dabbled with the idea of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a skull for a head. Kinda like all the critters I see doing the same thing...just with something awesome like a t-rex.

My spirit animal, oh yis.

One of these 'ere days i'll actually make my t-rex tattoo and be a winner.

Until then, T-rex fun times.

I should maybe color this one day.

Please do not copy/alter/redistribute.

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    just wow on the details

    that one would really be a very neat tattoo with some shading

    love your dino pics, never can figure out how you will draw a certain species since you play around with the concept, in great way and insane details :O

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      Well, thank you very much on that! :)

      And haha, ah- there are quite a few others I should put down. A whole lot that aren't very well known or drawn at all which is a shame as their are SO many out there. I just want them to look different then the rehashed text book versions - which I also enjoy, just doesn't really fit my fantastical view I guess.

      And enough rambling! Thanks again! :)

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    dang, stuff like this is why you're one of my favorite dino artists ever

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    Geeze it's like an eldritch tyrano. Throat tentaccllless