Halloween in the Digital World ... by BlackDragon07

Halloween in the Digital World ...


29 October 2017 at 15:46:54 MDT

Just what is supposed to be my Halloween 2017 drawing.

I choose to make a Digimon fanart for this occasion.
The nostalgic who will remember the season 1 of Digimon Adventure, will remember these characters.

From left to right, we have Gatomon (or Tailmon), Wizardmon (Gatomon's friend) and Pumpkinmon.

Promarker drawing

Art (C) BlackDragon07
Digimon (C) Bandai


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    I love this!!! This style is best for you^^

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      Which style you mean? The style manga (in which I drew the characters) or the coloring style (I used the promarkers here) ?
      Anyway, thank you very much. ^^

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        Oh, this drawing looking so cartoon and I thinks... Sorry for this:\

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          It's ok, I think it's me who misunderstood. ^^; I thought you were talking about my coloring style here, because I use promarkers a little less often than other traditional techniques.