Alktinox's Filigree Collar & Cuff Set by BigCatDen

Alktinox's Filigree Collar & Cuff Set


12 February 2020 at 09:56:37 MST

Made for Heinc, this set features a tight herringbone punchwork design along the teal topstraps. They're bordered by an antiqued, dark brown backstraps, accented by solid brass hardware, and lined with soft fur. This was a fun challenge to do! Had to dig through my punchwork tools to find a rectangle that would make a proper looking herringbone pattern. Nothing was working until I found the tiniest one I have, and it was a tight, yet excellent fit! Small tidbit of crazy info, there's 260 of those cris-crossing rectangles along the straps, each one a strike of the mallet. Felt it in my wrist the week after LOL

Thank you so much for the chance to create this with you, Alktinox! Pleasure working with you and I hope you enjoy!

Check out other close-up shots on my twitter!

Collar&Cuff Set made for Heinc
Made by myself, BCDC