The BCDC Mandala Sketchbook by BigCatDen

The BCDC Mandala Sketchbook


25 April 2019 at 14:44:41 MDT

This sketchbook begs to be cracked open and share its secrets with its live edge, meticulously designed filigree mandala, and a strap to carry the book on one's belt.

A while back I made myself a cover for my sketchbook which holds all of my leather design scribbles, notes, etc. But it was only recently that I finally completed it by adding the strap to keep it shut. Not only does this strap allow me to carry it closed securely, but the clasp lets the sketchbook become a visual piece hanging off my belt instead of just slipped away within a bag. Even more, it's refillable! Once I use up the last page (and I'm already over halfway there, any artist's dream right?), I can pull the sketchbook out and replace it with a fresh A4 size booklet. This gives it the ability to be used both for drawing and writing, depending on the type of insert chosen!

So when the day comes that I'm finally able to snag a table at a con, you'll be sure to see this somewhere on me ;D

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