VerdantDargon's Collar by BigCatDen

VerdantDargon's Collar


15 April 2019 at 16:07:17 MDT

Its matching top strap and leather lining, and seemingly-glowing, carved charm makes this simple yet sleek collar all the more satisfying to hold and wear.

This was a fun piece to make! VerdantDargon came to me hoping to recreate a collar belonging to one of their characters, which included making a small charm tag that hung from the front. We tossed around some ideas and blending two concepts together, came out with the charm shown above. In all honesty, you can thank Verdant for the creation and concept of the engraved option in my work. It hadn't truly occurred to me until this piece of what could be done.

Collar belongs to VerdantDargon, made by myself BCDC

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