Rocket Knight by BenTheDragon

Rocket Knight


3 February 2013 at 21:12:53 MST

Sparkster from Rocket Knight! More specifically, his Sparkster design from the Sega Genesis! Love that game to bits. Maybe I'll try and go beat the game in a world record attempt along with Megaman X 1 someday. We shall see!

Sparkster to Konami!

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    Sparkster~ <3

    Love the dramatic shading going on x3

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    I really like the way you have drawn Sparkster here. His look from the game Sparkster was in my opinion, the best, and you captured it well. ^ ^

    Very good job on this. ^ ^

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    Really one of the best Sparkster sketches I've seen so far after I got back into the Rocket Knight Community. It's always great to see that this lovely opossum is still remembered by some people.

    It's pretty much inspiring me to do this kind of artworks again... even without color this picture has a lot of heart and soul inside of it and one can tell that you had a lot of fun drawing Sparkster this way.

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      I am Glad! ^____^ I shall work on more fanart soon!

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        You should for sure. :) Maybe making a Fanart like this to Axel Gear, Sparkster's rival? I noticed that Axel Gear barely gets any attention. The same goes for Princess Sherry, Princess Cherry and Princess Flora.

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    Nice sword placement :P

    More people need to draw Rocket Knight Adventures fanart