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Getting The Pen Back by Benj24

Getting The Pen Back


Nick: Are you just trying to steal the pen ? Is that what this is ?

Judy: Tries to get it back but accidentally pokes Nick's torso.

Nick: geeehehehe giggles it tickles, off off off off off...

Judy: oh huh sorry... pokes him another round on purpose this time..

-and here we go~ -
welp, i spent much time on background this time :-p

Nick, Judy © Disney/ Zootopia
Art by me benj24 benj24


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    HEHEHEHEHH...... LOVE <3

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    Nick: "HA HA HA!" gasp "Please stop, Fluff! HA! I can't take it anymore! HA HA!" 😆

    Judy: "As soon as you give me back the pen, Slick Nick." 😊