Can't You Drive Any Faster, Klaus by Bellumsaur

Can't You Drive Any Faster, Klaus


3 January 2018 at 22:28:04 MST

A drawing I did based off of a funny unit quote in Company of Heroes, related to the German motorcycle unit, which makes it clear that the speaker is the guy in the sidecar as he's nagging at the driver. I remember this took a while in the drawing process, as I had to find the right poses and references for German motorcycles and I originally wanted to have a machine gun attached to the side car, an idea which I had to ditch. I also had to get the helmets and the ways they looked on the characters' heads right, the passenger was a particular pain, due to his smaller head than the driver's, and I had to do a bit of research on German helmet decals to get something that would fit right. I also decided to go with Wehrmacht sleeve and collar insignia to help distinguish the rank-and-file Musketier (the passenger) and the Non-Com Gefreiter (the driver), as well as the flag and divisional insignia on their respective sleeves to showcase their state-of-origin in Germany and their unit.

As for the location this is supposed to be in, I had wanted this to be set in Alsace/Elsass and, after some fiddling with Google Maps and Google Street View, eventually found a particular stretch of forested road between the commune of Dauendorf and the town of Haguenau that I used as reference for the background.

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