Gas Attack by Bellumsaur

Gas Attack


3 November 2017 at 12:11:40 MDT

As I had noticed a lot of artists on DA liked to depict gory artwork for October, I felt like trying my hand at something akin to that. The horrors of war was an easy choice for me to make, due to my lifelong fascination with military topics. As I had been reading The Great War: Breakthroughs, a book that depicts an alternate WWI where the Civil War was won by the Confederacy and the two rival American nations were on opposing sides, I went with the nightmarish nature of trench warfare as my first subject. In this case, I wanted to depict a (female) Canadian soldier choking as she is exposed to poison gas, while US soldiers raid the gas-choked trenches.

In retrospect, I probably should have colored the wooden walls first before doing the gas clouds, as it kinda looks blurred out now. I'd want the gas clouds to be hanging in the air, like a poisonous fog, choking the life out of anyone not prepared against it.