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Such A Wonderful Way To Spend A Relaxing Day (colored) by Bast_TW

Such A Wonderful Way To Spend A Relaxing Day (colored)


This came out absolutely gorgeous!

  ralloonx did an amazing job on the original sketch.

And the color version has me just blown away!!!
Give this spectacular artist a look and some love.

  ralloonx 's original colorized version can be faved here:

the original "sketch" can be faved here:

One amazing day, every not so often, usually with years in between, things go uncannily right. 
A beautiful

no travelling
no danger 
no battles
no worries
no sickness
no sadness
no drama
no pressing issues
no problems of any kind, now or on the horizon

This is one of those special days, and I am unashamedly enjoying it to the fullest. 
Restfully drinking every little detail of it in, unwinding, relaxing, reviving, 
and absorbing every magnificent facet of it into memory, for the times when I will need it most, 
for those very disturbing and troubling days that will come eventually... but that is not today. 

For this day there is rest, peace, and new seeds of hope. 

I wish everyone more days like this, whether enjoyed in solitude, or shared with friends, may you have many such days, and hold on to the memory of them.