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"Sever The Ties..."


7 July 2019 at 13:09:18 MDT

"...Or it's all for nothing."

A wonderful piece done by Jinx over on FA (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jinxmontalgo/) of a character I have used A Lot over the years: Dia'vidd or Dia for short. He's mostly been featured in more... "Inflation based" pieces, so it's very nice to have one to use as a Normal Reference.

This guy has quite the story behind him, but I won't get into details right here. If you are interested in the short version of his tale, then feel free to read past the lined border down below. If you wish to experience things as he has, then feel free to check out this list in Chronological order. Starting with his first appearance in:

Wrong Side Of Heaven Act 4 - False Freedom (Hatchling years)
Destruction Preventer Act 1-3
Counting Stars Act 1-3
Rex Overboard Act 1-4
Gaining Momentum
On The Wing (short)
What Went Wrong - Scene 8
Over My Head
Can't Hold Us
As well as some Winter Metas, a decent role in the third one (Holiday) and likely more to come.

Once again, thank you Jinx for this amazing piece of art <3 I encourage you to favorite the original if you can: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32180570/

Spoilers Beyond This Point

Dia'vidd is the descended of an immortal dragon named Haytre (Wrong Side Of Heaven), one with the unique ability to shift through and channel different forms of Magics known as Attonements (think "Elements" or schools of magic). When Haytre focused on one, his scale colors would change to match such. Though not fully in control of such abilities, Dia was manipulating them like his father at the age of three months. However, instead of changing colors with the different Attonements, the little hatchling was instead changing colors depending on his moods.

His family was a bit of a strange one. His father was indeed a feral wyrm, but Dia's mother, Tia, was a human Oracle: a 'Witch' of sorts that could influence the emotions and actions of others, as well as speak and communicate with any living thing. Along with her was a second 'mother' of sorts, Elexus: a slave girl that was born an Oracle as well, though not nearly in control nor aware of her abilities until close to adulthood. From there, Dia had an uncle Feyon Feyris, who would often provide another two sets of eyes and ears (two headed) to look after the little troublemaker.

Dia'vidd grew up on a small island that his father ended up making. Isolated from visitors in order to protect his family, Haytre was very strict about what was allowed on or off his home. However, that did not stop them from visiting many of the cities and harbors across the waters, just as long as the black dragon (Haytre) was nearby to prevent any dangers. People grew accustomed to the strange family, and by the time Dia was grown, he was quite popular with the people. Often growing up along side decades of human beings and other creatures, the young dragon was quite the celeberty to the lands.

Getting a tad ahead of myself. Due to the unique abilities of his parents, Dia was also gifted with another power of sorts: being described as a 'Sponge' towards others, soaking up traits and possible abilities from others he's made contact with. During a certain event within his first year of life, Dia'vidd ended up obtaining several unique traits from very powerful people, as well as obtaining the structual identification of a Cryomithorous: a Kaiju that acts as a planet's weapon. (Wrong Side Of Heaven Act 4 - False Freedom)

The relationship between a Cryo and it's planet is symbiotic, so when the young Dia had a near-death experience that ended up crippling him, the planet stepped in to reverse the damages. Though a heartwarming moment when he was reunited with his family, it came at a cost much farther down the road. Past when his mothers passed away and his father left the planet on his own free will, leaving Dia metaphorically 'in charge' of the world.

However, when a dominant species (one or more) tend to become too powerful to the point of being a threat to the world itself, this is when it calls upon the Kaiju to 'reset' the world. Culling all life on the surface via a terrible rampage, Dia'vidd was unprepared to resist such a call. His body transformed into a more draconic version of the living Weapon and did it's duty in a blind rage, leaving the dragon to wake up in his world covered in ashes.

Though normally a Cryo slumbers within the earth's core when not being used, Dia was the acception. Learning about his transformation and his role from the Force of Reality, the wyrm was then left alone in an empty world. Plagued by regret, he wandered until he found a few survivors that were outsiders. One giving him the motivation to move on (Sinality), one telling him what he really is (Dehoken, though goes by many many different names), and one that taught him how to control his power to an extent: Beo'Karah. (Destruction Preventer)

However, during such time together, Dia'vidd and Beo grew fairly close together. To the point where he opened up to the larger Brass Dragon about his inflation fetish. Being the first male (and first person) he ever had sex with, Beo encouraged the younger one not to be ashamed of his desires. Though he eventually did have to leave, the brass one would promise that they would see each other again.

Thus began Eons of lives Dia was forced to make. Being granted an ageless form from his father and the many different powers he had picked up from others, the young dragon was caught between being the planet's weapon and being the protector of those who lived on it's crust. Through much trial and error, discovering what would possibly trigger the rainbow iris on his eye that acted like a meter for the Cryo's rampage to surface: once it reached full circle, the planet would call upon the world to 'reset' once again.

Dia eventually 'tamed' one of the resets to follow his rules, acting as their belovelent god and scouting the world for any possible warning signs that would trigger the Cryo's awakening once again. Though strict were his codes, he knew deep down that they were for the people's own good, he was doing it to protect them. However, out of millions of people within the world, a few were bound to be missed when they cried for the "Red Flag's" help. Resulting in a religion of sorts against Dia, as well as finding many weapons from the older years.

He discovered later on that one of these people, often mentioned as the Religion's 'leader', was actually being puppeted by that Force of Reality mentioned before. Noticing that lack of 'productivity' that Dia's planet was making, she started to take matters into her own hands and attempted to kill the dragon. Planning to replace him with another Weapon, one that would not be distracted by the lives on the surface.

But the Force under-estimated Dia and his abilities, and after a battle that threatened the entire universe he was in, a third party stepped in. Culling the Force of Reality and gifting Dia a much needed vacation (read the story, it'll make sense. I'm trying to keep this brief), as well as a visit to where Beo lived. Requiring a 'Task' for the "young" dragon to deal with during such a reaquaintence. (Counting Stars) During of which, the two fell in love once again with one another, and when Beo requested for Dia to join the Brass one's family, Dia'vidd accepted. Still living with them now... In a universe he accidently created- but I digress.

Fish, that was a trainwreck of a Bio...

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    Woow, beautiful black dragon he is. Looking ready to take flight over the large ocean in front of him. Really love these types of artworks made by other people.

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      Yeah, Jinx did an amazing job at it. Though he normally does large-scale inflation stuff, he can really dish out some great normal pieces and backgrounds ^^

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        I personally, since I'm going to get a bachelor's degree artist teaching me how to draw, that's something I hope to work on as a hobby (it won't be my career since you have to critique, and that one was a disaster for me when it came to photography) but it'll be a hobby just like writing stories would be.