Ultra Heavy Black by Bartan

Ultra Heavy Black


19 March 2017 at 09:23:26 MDT

Gee, Bartan. Where the hell have you been the last three months?

Hibernating. That's about the only excuse I have really. After being almost burnt out from last Nov/Dec, I've kinda needed the break. Coming out of said break is harder than expect. But I have been working on something during that time...

...This story is 29 pages long, Bartan.

I didn't say it was an entire novel. And besides, it's good to start out small. Might pull something otherwise. Anyway, UHB doesn't have any naughty stuff in it, so if you're here for that... Sorry to disappoint. Depending on what I decide to do next, it might be a while before something like that pops up. Meh, if you interested in something, let me know.

Now back to this... "Short" story. You really don't need to read anything else beforehand, and I'm still questioning why I wrote it to begin with. It's events might be mentioned in the next Fear/Weakness, but not really required. It's more just a mystery idea I came up with that hosts a bit of a twist that I don't think anyone will understand. Mostly because I've yet to really write much about it. However, if you've read my works, there are little hints here and there that nudge towards a past story (most are probably within Wrong Side of Heaven - False Freedom and 1989). Still... I guess I'm just hoping this will make sense.

I'll get back in the grove of things eventually. But I'm not rushing to get anything out the door. Speaking of which, if there's a specific story that you're waiting to be finished, let me know. So far, I have Afterlife's final part to do, Fear/Weakness as mentioned before, and Anthem to get done sometime this year (hopefully). And that's in no specific order, so if you wish to have one done first, speak up.

Until then, I'm out to survive the rest of March. So far, so good though.
Ultra Heavy Black © Tim Skold

Fun Fact: None of the creatures used in this are made up species, they're all some type of animal or another. If you don't recognize one, google it.

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